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RULES Official Gang Rules

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Role-play Rules
Quality role-play is essential (enforced*), using your /me and /do actions properly can create a wonderful role-play experience both for you and the other person engaged, if you fail to role-play efficiently. Chances are you and possibly your gang wont be taken seriously by others, and of course. You will receive negative feedback, so it is always best that when in a role-play scenario that you’re fully engaged and have much experience with your /me and /do actions.

For example, a run through of a drug deal role-played efficiently:

Person 1: Aite’ bro I got the stuff, let me see the bread… Let’s go!a
((Person 2 reaches to the duffle bag beside him, opening it up and...

Server update 0.7.3

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Server update v0.7.3

Change log & Updates

  • Added new trucker job.
  • Added new admin strike system.
  • Added new admin control panel when admin click player.
  • Changed /upgrade to a dialog.
  • Added new boat dealership market at Marina.
  • Added colors in vehicle's plate.
  • Added few cars to the dealership.
  • Added more than 30 objects to the land system.
  • Added shooting range system.
  • Added a totally new event system.
  • Added new event type Laser Beam and Zombie.
  • Added new mapping for LSPD.
  • Added /serversetting...

ANNOUNCEMENT Security and You!

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Hello everyone!

Here at Old School Roleplay, we take your security and privacy very seriously, and we would like to inform you how to keep your account safe.

Use a strong password:
Use a strong password. It should have 10 characters or more, with both uppercase, lowercase, and symbols. That way it is much harder to guess your password. (www.passwordsgenerator.net/)

Never enter your account details (forums/game) outside of our forums or SAMP server.
Make sure you are actually on Old School Roleplay's website when entering your password. Phishing is a common technique to steal passwords. Phishing is a form of scamming that involves posing as Old School Roleplay and tricking you into sending your password to them. If you have clicked an external link, make sure the connection is secure (green lock in the address bar), and that the domain is os-rp.com...

RULES Server Rules

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Forcing roleplay on a player not giving them a chance to reply. Roleplaying something impossible IRL.

English in all Chats
You must speak English in all in-game chats except in PMS.

Using OOC info for IC purposes.

Car Ram/ Car Park
Constantly ramming your car against a person. Parking your car on top of someone

Non-Rp Finish
Finishing someone off without roleplaying it.

Killing Admin on /aduty